Monday, September 5, 2011

Lunch at Hotel Princesa

About an hour after the bagel, there was a lunch with all the other students on my abroad program. The lunch consisted of four courses. 

The 1st course was a little toast with an unidentifiable square of fish on it. It tasted surprisingly like a bowl (or cup) of fish chowder, but the texture was mushy, pasty and all around nothing one would ever want to eat. 

The second course was a platter of grilled vegetables, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, artichoke, tomato and fried ham chips on top. The vegetables were the best things we were served, the ham tasted like bacon. However it was not the first ham I wanted to taste in Spain. 

Our third course was a pork chop in an unidentifiable brown sauce with sliced potatoes and mushrooms. The pork was a little pinker in the center than one might like and the potatoes were just boring. The mushrooms went untouched on my plate. Spongy and slimy, these mushrooms were about as appealing as the mystery fish block. 

For our fourth and final course we had raspberry sorbet in a cookie cup. The sorbet was good, maybe a little too sweet, but the cookie cup was stale and just bad.
Final grade: C-, mediocre, too much of it and I really just wanted a good piece of jamon and a piece of good bread

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