Monday, September 5, 2011

First food in Spain

After a long few hours of tossing and turning in a cramped airplane seat I awoke to breakfast. A long rectangular box sat on my tray table and in front of it a rather off-putting cloudy, yellow liquid filled a plastic cup. When I smelled the cup I couldn’t really tell if it was juice or stale urine. Being adventurous I took a sip and realized that it was canned pineapple juice. I gulped down half of it and was left with a cloyingly sweet flavor in my moisture-deprived mouth. 

Desperately needing something to wash the taste from my mouth I turned to the mysterious box. As I opened it my heart sunk. First item I saw? Dole fruit cup. Great, more sweet and more at-some-point-this-might-have-been-a-real-fruit. Hoping to find my saving grace in the box I saw a croissant. Hooray! A real breakfast item! Something I can eat without turning into a sugar cube. I turned the label so I could read it and read: chicken and cheese breakfast croissant. No. Having passed on the fruit cup and now passing on this “breakfast chicken and cheese croissant” my fate was left in the hands of a bran muffin. Innocuous enough, but like eating a dense rolled up piece of soggy cardboard, I said no thanks. 

Luckily the day before I had packed a good ole New York City bagel from the best bagel place I know (Absolute Bagel on 108th and Broadway), so as my stomach was grumbling I whipped out the bagel, shmeared some fresh cream cheese on it and took a delicious bite. 

Final Grade: B, a nice slice of home after a long trip.

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  1. Ok I am struggling with the fact that your mama, one of the best cooks I know, did not pack you a nice plane meal! I think you are going to have to take the lead w fellow students and chose the places to go. Go online at Lonely Planet and get some suggestions. No one should eat badly in Spain.